nonfiction vol 22: gratitude

(You can watch the Gratitude recap here.)

Nonfiction Vol 22 is a wrap. All the guests have left, the confetti has been swept away (well, sort of), the mess has been cleaned up. Our lives have resumed and Thanksgiving has been celebrated. It’s the Monday after the Monday after.

So much to process and reflect upon and remember.

He spoke. He spoke corporately and He spoke individually. He listened. He listened to the beautiful and the agony and even to the silence. He embraced. He knelt in the mud beside our chair and our couch and let our blood and our tears and our gore and angst run all down His garments.

We won’t forget. We will praise Him again and again. We will do the hard work. We will allow Him to change us into a better version of who we were created to be. All we have left is a heart filled with Hallelujah.

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