the fig tree podcast

The Fig Tree

I have long loved fig trees. When I lived in the South, I had a big, droopy one in the back yard which always produced such sweet fruit (and the birds absolutely had feasts which meant I got mostly none.)

In Biblical times, the fig tree was the meditation center of the ancients. The big leaves and drooping branches afforded solitude for one or a few to sit in quiet contemplation undetected and it became known as the “thinking tree.” There is great significance to Jesus telling Nathaniel how He saw him there. God always knows our questions and our search for the better path. There are even some who have suggested it was the fig tree which was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. And if all these thoughts are on the right path, it brings more significance to the fact of Jesus cursing the fig tree because it had no fruit . .

I hope you will join me under the leaves of The Fig Tree Podcast. I am so excited about spending time with my friends in a way that reveals a layer here and there of a deeper meaning, a sharper focus, and a brighter hope as we ponder concepts and stories and search for deeper truths through the realities of our lives.

Watch the video version on YouTube and listen to the audio version on Spotify, Audible, and Podbean. Apple is a difficult friend to have, though. So far, they have allowed one episode on our show. We’re still working on proving ourselves worthy. lol.