the best girl.

11/25/07 – 10/30/22

She came to us on a cold night in January, 2008. Born on November 25, 2007, she was just a tiny little ball of black fur who had just found her growl and was enjoying using it as she stole our socks.

Bradyn said her name was Roxy. And she was the best Roxy of all Roxys.

She was barely a year old when she fell in the freezing cold swimming pool on a Sunday afternoon and the golden retriever went crazy barking barking barking until she got my attention in the house and I ran outside half-dressed and jumped in that cold water right before she went under. We were both traumatized and lots of tears and thank you Gods were shed and spoken.

A few years later, she went for a routine checkup and while the vet was examining her, she touched a place on her side that was painful and inflamed and knew immediately something was wrong. She did an x-ray and found a NEEDLE inside this baby’s intestine. I had been sewing a button on a red dress and the needle had dropped on the floor and naturally, she thought it was a treat. Don’t ALL dogs eat needles as treats? She. swallowed. a. needle.

The vet said it would have to be morning before she could do the surgery to remove it. The next morning, she did x-rays to make sure the needle had not moved and was still there, only to find . . . nothing. No needle. No red thread. Nothing. She went outside to where she had done her morning business and there it was! Red thread still attached. She had passed that needle. Without damaging her insides. GO FIGURE!!! How does that even happen?

For all those who say God doesn’t hear prayers about dogs, you can just close the door quietly behind you on your way out.

So much defined her time with us. Years of personal illness, pain, death, and loss. Life changes, moves across the country, long road trips, long separations, and several other furry intruders who invaded her space.

We almost lost her two years ago. And although she survived, her sight began to go and then her hearing and then her back legs began giving out. Daily life was just becoming so hard for her. We had made the decision it was her time, but she did it her way two days early. We knew it was coming and it has still knocked us back on our heels. Non-dog-lovers just can’t understand.

How do you even begin to honor a creature who was your comfort, your solace, your non-judgmental anchor and whose big brown eyes could see straight through to your soul?

I don’t think I have found an adequate way to do that.

If God chooses to allow the pets of the redeemed to be in heaven, that will be just wonderful.

Rest well, Roxem Foxem. Your family will always love you.

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